What is branding?

Branding is utilized to change the audio and video prompts when certain actions occur in a meeting. This is useful if you would like to include your company's name or change the prompts from one language to another. Branding requires the branding key installed on your Cisco Meeting Server.

How do I get different branding prompts?

The best way to get new branding prompts is to create them yourself. You can record specifically what you want said and encode it as a PCM16 .wav file. Give the file the correct name as documented in the Cisco Meeting Server documentation and host it on a web server

But I don't want to do my own recordings!

Ok, fine. You can use my recordings. These are broken into three categories. First we have the Cisco official voice prompts. These were created my Cisco. Then we have the synthesized voice prompts. These were created using Google Translate and Amazon Polly to convert the English prompt text to another language and then have it read aloud. These might sound robotic, but hey they're free. Third, at some point in time I'd like to have a crowdsourced section. If you ever create your own branding prompts and want to share them with the rest of the world please reach out to me at support@cmslogcollector.com

I highly recommend that you download the .zip file for each language pack. However, if you want to test them or do not have a web server available you can point your branding profile at my webserver (pick the specific directory you want the prompts from). This is not recommended as it will consume your bandwidth and I reserve the right to delete/modify/edit these files at any time without warning.

Cisco Official Branding Files

Download Them All at Once

English (UK)
English (US)
Spanish (Columbian)
Spanish (Spain)
French (Canadian)
French (France)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Chinese (Mainland)
Chinese (Taiwan)

Synthesized audio prompts using Google Translate and Amazon Polly

All prompts can be navigated to from here

Vernon's Debugging Branding Profile

For audio prompts this profile just reads out load the name of the file. For video it shows the file name.