CMS Log Collector is NOT a Cisco TAC-supported tool. Please do not call Cisco TAC for help with CMS Log Collector. You may, of course, use CMS Log Collector to troubleshoot issues and use it as a tool to describe your problem to TAC. Just don't report problems with CMS Log Collector to TAC.

Release Notes:

1.0.1 (July 25th, 2016)

This is the initial release for Cisco Meeting Server Log Collector (CMSLC). CMSLC is a tool that will collect logs from your Cisco Meeting Server and archive the logs into a single bundle for easy analysis. The log bundle will contain log files downloaded via SFTP from the Cisco Meeting Server as well as the following files:


This file is the output from several commands run against the MMP (CLI) of the Cisco Meeting Server collected via SSH. If SSH is disabled, CMSLC cannot run.


This file contains the results of an API walk against the CMS's webadmin. If webadmin is not enabled, the API.xml file cannot be collected.


This file is a download of several debug pages in the CMS. The pages are stored and encoded in base64. If webadmin is not enabled, the WEB.xml file cannot be collected.


Windows Only

Only one instance can be run at a time

May need to be "Run as administrator" - if you hit run and nothing happens, try running as administrator

For requests with many responses, the responses may be truncated

Checking Debug in advanced may cause the log collection to not complete