CMS Log Collector is NOT a Cisco TAC-supported tool. Please do not call Cisco TAC for help with CMS Log Collector. You may, of course, use CMS Log Collector to troubleshoot issues and use it as a tool to describe your problem to TAC. Just don't report problems with CMS Log Collector to TAC.

We are very interested in hearing about any issues you encounter with CMS Log Collector. Please report any issues to When reporting issues, please include the version of CMS Log Collector you are using as well as any details of the issue you are encountering. If you are having a problem with a particular trace file, please include it or post it somewhere that it can be downloaded if the file is very large.

We are also always interested in feature requests. Please feel free to send an email with any functionality you might want to see included in a future version of CMS Log Collector. Many new features come directly from customer requests.

Here are some commonly encountered issues with CMS Log Collector:

Current Issues

The application crashes during a run

Please send a screenshot of whatever errors you see or the state of the application during the crash as well as a description of the issue you are seeing to If you are running v1.1.0RC1 or later, please send the CMSLC log file available at %APPDATA%\CMS Log Collector\output\CMSLC.log. If possible, please also include a backup of your server.

After completing a log collection run, CMSLC says my log files are in Program Files, but there's nothing there.

Unfortuntely, there's a typo in CMSLC that causes it to say the logs are in Program Files when they are not the logs are in %APPDATA%\CMS Log Collector\output. This folder can be easily accessed by clicking on the Open Log Output Folder button.

When I try to collect a debug file (I checked the debug box in advance), CMS Log Collector freezes

The debug functionality on a CMS Server is sometimes buggy and can take a long time to collect. Luckily, it is not often needed in troubleshooting issues and if it is specifically requested by a TAC engineer, please manually collect the file by running the debug command in MMP.

When I try to use CMSLC I see the following error: Failed to pull webadmin info. Disabling webadmin

Currently, CMSLC only supports static IP addresses. Cisco Meeting Servers using DHCP will be unable to pull API information.

Below issues have been resolved in v1.1.0RC1

When I hit run, nothing happens

In some environments, CMSLC may need to be run as administrator.

After the MMP run was completed, the SFTP transfer never took place and now I'm getting a wrong username/password error when I try to log into CMS

There is currently a bug in the CMSLC software that is being treated as a high priority that may cause the password for the account you are using to be changed to "hostname" this only occurs if the account you use has had its password expire.